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Specialists in vehicle and plant fire suppression systems

Welcome to Ardent, we are experts in Vehicle Fire Protection with over 20 years experience as independent specialists in this field.

Your vehicles and plant are integral to the running of your business, whatever sector you’re in. Long hours and hazardous conditions can place these key assets at a high risk of a fire starting.

At Ardent, we take protecting your people and your business seriously. We are committed to providing systems that are independently tested and approved specifically for application on your vehicle and plant. This means that in managing the risk of a fire, you can have confidence in your decision to install a system that is fit for purpose.

We understand what’s at stake should you have a fire on your vehicle or plant, and how the business as a whole can be affected.

We have listed the top reasons why our customers make the decision to invest in vehicle fire protection:

1. Protecting high value assets

Whether you lease or own your vehicles and plant, a fire can result in machine loss or significant repair bills. A fire protection system is important in protecting a high value business asset.

2. Protecting your People

Your vehicle operators and ground personnel can be placed in real danger should a machine in operation have a fire. The risks can be increased depending on the type of machine, and its working environment.

3. Protecting against business interruption

Your vehicles and plant may be bespoke to your business, and often key items of plant perform a specific and crucial role.

A fire on your vehicle or plant can heavily impact your operations, causing widespread business interruption that can become extremely costly.

4. Protecting against business closure

If your machine is working inside or close to a building – there is a risk that a machine fire could spread, especially if your machine is handling and processing flammable materials.

The consequence of this occurring could be catastrophic to your business, and may result in its short-term or long-term closure.

If any of these reasons to invest in Vehicle Fire Protection are relevant to your business, call us first on +44 (0) 1423 326740

Whatever industry sector you work in from aviation and mining to transport and forestry, we develop vehicle fire suppression systems that suit your working environment and conditions.

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