With over 28 years of experience installing, servicing and maintaining fire suppression systems on mobile equipment, we work with equipment manufacturers, dealers and end users in a variety of sectors including mining and quarrying, ports and bulk handling, waste and recycling, and wood processing.

Liebherr France


Ansul Twin Agent System

To date, we have protected more than 15,000 items of mobile plant. Over 1,500 of these fire suppression systems are installed in Liebherr equipment operating around the world, ranging from wheel loaders and material handlers to dozers, mining excavators and trucks.

Ardent is the sole approved supplier of fire suppression to Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar SAS. Since 1996, our site-based team factory-fits Ardent fire suppression systems at the Liebherr’s manufacturing plant in Colmar, France. Our systems are installed to the OEM’s specification following a thorough fire hazard analysis for each machine model, carried out in conjunction and approved by the OEM. 

Fire Hazard Analysis

Our fire suppression systems design and installation are based on a thorough hazard analysis that not only considers the engine compartment, but also covers other fire hazard areas in the vehicle such as the valve bank, battery compartment, the entire belly pan, high pressure hoses, hydraulic pumps and slew motors and rotary connections.
Based on the fire hazards identified, the number of nozzles and quantity of extinguishing agent is then specified. Each nozzle is strategically located to cover every individual fire hazard in the vehicle. 

Ardent works with equipment manufacturers such as Liebherr to assess, define and agree the level of protection required for each piece of equipment based on a detailed fire hazard analysis. 
Our experience protecting Liebherr equipment means our systems have proven to effectively suppress numerous fires on equipment operating in mining and other sites worldwide.