Automatic internal and external light monitoring


Using advanced optical sensors, the Ardent Lighting Control Unit monitors ambient lighting levels inside and outside the vehicle through separate circuits, each with independent settings for the minimum lighting levels.

The unit can automatically activate and deactivate vehicle headlights and saloon lights when lighting levels drop below the set threshold. Alternatively, an alert can be delivered to prompt driver action where direct control of the circuits is not desired.


Exterior and interior sensors

Two independent sensor circuits to monitor and control the activation of headlights and interior lights.

Configurable lighting levels

A range of light level thresholds from 200 lux to 3900 lux can be set according to customer requirements.

Optional automatic activation

The Ardent VLCU can automatically operate interior and exterior lighting or, alternatively, prompt the driver to action.

Reduced vision results in an increase in accidents, particularly with pedestrians and cyclists. The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents reported that 40% of road accidents occur after dark.

How the Ardent VLCU Works

The VLCU uses advanced optical sensors to measure interior and exterior lighting levels. External and internal channel settings are independent of each other.

The exterior lighting level sensor is mounted behind the windscreen of the vehicle, allowing for accurate exterior lighting measurements to be recorded. The interior lighting level sensor can be positioned inside the vehicle and set at a separate light level to the exterior sensor.

If desired, sensor lighting measurements can be used to automatically control the vehicle headlights and interior lights when lighting levels fall below the specified threshold. Inputs are provided to enable the driver to override the VLCU and force the lights off. In applications where direct control of circuits is not desired or permitted, the unit outputs can be used to trigger warning lights and buzzers or to interface with the Ardent VMMS to deliver audio warnings to the driver.

Ambient light levels are evaluated immediately following power on, and the outputs then set accordingly. A range of light level thresholds from 200 lux to 3900 lux can be set via the VLCU interface. This allows customisation to suit each installation and operation conditions.

Ardent VMMS Multi-Message System Integration

If automatic control is not desired, the Lighting control Unit can be interface with the Ardent VMMS Multi-Message System to deliver audio messages to the driver, for example to alert the driver if interior or exterior lighting has been activated, or if manual activation of headlights or saloon lights is required. Customer messages are also available on request.

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