The ClearConnect hearing loop has been designed to make travelling on public transport an accessible, reliable, and relaxed experience for hearing aid users.

By switching their aid to hearing loop, passengers gain access to crisp and clear announcements - such as next-stop information, driver communication, and more. We want all customers to receive the best possible experience when it comes to travel. Through ClearConnect, we empower hearing aid users to take every journey with confidence, transforming what may once have been a daunting experience into a comfortable one.

Our aim is to provide a product that not only does the job, but one that does it better than every other product on the market - because being inclusive matters to us, and we hope it does to you too. 

A legal and ethical responsibility

The Public Service Vehicles (Accessible Information) Regulations 2023 states that all new buses must be fitted with a hearing loop system, and some older buses should now be retrofitted.

Ensuring accessible travel for all is not only a legal obligation, but an ethical one too - which means taking the time to source solutions that make the best possible difference to your customer base is crucial. 

Read our blog here, where we shed light on the purpose of the Regulations, outline what they stipulate, and present our solution to ensuring not only legal compliance, but the best possible experience for passengers of public service vehicles

ClearConnect isn't just another hearing loop. It's a sophisticated and effective system that's been designed with the user in mind.

Having worked in close collaboration with experts and charities such as the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID), we've developed a solution that truly addresses the needs of those who are hard of hearing - and which overcomes the drawbacks of many other commonly used devices, allowing you to provide the highest level of customer care.

Having undergone a rigorous three-year development programme, the result is a sophisticated system that provides the utmost comfort to the user. 

Passengers are able to connect even on the upper deck - they don't need to be confined to 'priority seating', enhancing the overall experience of their journey. The system experiences less interference than others on the market, and is leading in its intelligibility and in picking up natural speech, meaning clear communication at all times. 

Plus, drivers get peace of mind the system is activated and working and will be auto-alerted if there is a fault. 

ClearConnect provides direct communication between the driver and passengers.

Entrance platform induction loop

The entrance platform induction loop allows the driver to communicate directly with passengers using hearing aids, regardless of physical barriers and ambient noise.

Extensive connectivity and coverage

The system has the ability to cover listening areas outside of ‘priority seating’ with minimal interference, aiding passengers’ comfort and enabling them to choose where to sit.

Fault monitoring

Monitors power and the signal, allowing the bus driver to confirm the system is activated and working.

Direct delivery of vehicle information systems messages

The induction loop system allows for the delivery of vehicle announcements directly into the hearing aid.

Compliant with disability and safety regulations

The system has been specifically designed to conform to the BS EN 60118-4 code of practice for AFILS and the PSVAR, which took full effect in 2020.

Market-leading clarity

Easily picks up natural speech, and experiences less interference than other systems on the market.

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