Telematics by Ardent allows us to see faults as and when they happen so we can get to work on solving any problems and quickly get your machine back in service.

Don’t rely on your machine operator letting you know about any issues with machinery. Our VCM Mk2 Control Module - an extension that enables real-time access to the system status of your machinery.

The advanced feature encompasses vital functionalities, such as GPS tracking and live monitoring of the fire suppression system.

By incorporating this innovation, we aim to reduce operator dependency, provide enhanced operational autonomy, and provide complete transparency in the monitoring of your system status. 

How it works 

  1. The Ardent Telematics system detects a fault.

  2. Immediately signalling our support centre.

  3. We notify and discuss the issue with the customer.

  4. We dispatch an engineer to site to resolve the issue.

  • See results in real time

    See results in real time

    Time-stamped messages are processed by our servers, then sent directly to our IT system and team.

  • Reduce operator dependency

    Reduce operator dependency

    Issues are directly communicated to us, so we can immediately work on solving the problem.

  • Spot problems fast

    Spot problems fast

    Identify issues swiftly before they escalate into bigger problems - preventing disruption and downtime for operators.

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