Clear and concise audio alerts, warnings and messages


A distinct solution designed specifically for buses and coaches, the Ardent VMMS provides clear and concise audio messages and alerts to drivers and passengers alike.

The VMMS is a bespoke messaging unit that can be interfaced with the vehicle’s CAN-Bus and other Ardent V-Series products such as the Fire Suppression System to provide warnings, status information and advisories, ensuring the safe running of the vehicle.


Independant speakers

The system can broadcast audio through two separate speakers to deliver different messages for drivers and passengers.

Fully programmable

An extensive range of messages are available in a range of languages. Custom messages can be factory programmed if requested.

Memory log

The VMMS logs events such as fire suppression system deployment and low system pressure, which can be downloaded for review.

System integration

The Ardent VMMS can be linked to the vehicle CAN-Bus interface. Additionally, messages can be triggered by hard-wired inputs.

Minimise Driver Distractions

Safety systems for commercial vehicles often feature LED lights on the dashboard to alert the driver of status, which can lead to a distracting dashboard, particularly where multiple systems are in place. The VMMS provides the driver with audio warning messages and status information, rather than visual warnings, limiting the distractions and allowing the driver to remain focused on the road.

The system can interface with the vehicle CAN-Bus or support hardwired inputs, and well as integrating with other Ardent systems to provide one comprehensive unit, removing the need for multiple LEDs.

The Ardent VMMS boasts a retrievable event history log with date and time stamp, allowing operators to check the messages delivered to the driver and passengers. If the VMMS is linked to the Ardent Fire Suppression System, this allows the operator to check when the high temperature warning, system activation and other related messages were delivered to the driver.

Sample Audio Messages

The VMMS unit audio clip library can contain over 250 recordings. An extensive range of messages is available, but custom messages and sounds can be requested, including messages in different languages. Below are some examples of the audio clips that can be programmed into the VMMS.

Fire Suppression System Integration

The VMMS can be fully integrated with the Ardent Fire Suppression System to deliver instant audio messages to the driver via the speaker in the driver’s cab. The system integration is designed to reduce the likelihood and impact of a fire on the vehicle, and to mitigate disruption, damage and injury.

Temperature Rise Pre-Warning

The VMMS warns the bus driver when dangerous temperatures are detected by the Temperature Rise Pre-Warn Sensors. This warning is designed to allow the driver to safely stop the vehicle prior to fire ignition. Stopping the bus may give the engine time to cool down and prevent a fire.

Low System Pressure Warning

The system alerts the driver in case of low pressure in the fire suppression system. The driver is alerted when the pressure in extinguishing agent tank/s drops below acceptable levels, so a service can be arranged to reinstate the system.

System Deployment Warning

If the fire suppression system discharges, the driver will receive warnings alerting the driver that system has been activated, and the engine will shut down. This allows the driver to safely stop the vehicle and evacuate the passengers.

Smoke Detection Warning

The VMMS is connected to the smoke detector, which is fitted in the upper deck of double decker buses, allowing the system to alert the driver if smoke is detected.

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