Bristol Port's 2,600-acre site is one of the UK's most important deep sea ports. The facility's material handling fleet deals with enormous quantities of hazardous and combustible produce, including 25% of the UK's aviation fuel imports and 10% of the coal imported to UK power stations.

Ships need to be unloaded as quickly as possible, making machine uptime absolutely vital. If a fire put a machine out of action, the results would be catastrophic.

Bristol Port


Ardent Dual Agent System

The Challenge

The Bristol Port Company needed service support that ensured their machines were available throughout the year, no matter how busy the port was. They needed fast responses to callouts and wanted machines to be back in action within 24 hours. They also wanted expert industry advice that gave them ongoing improvement, so they were constantly seeing off problems before they happened.

Our Solution

We’ve been working with The Bristol Port Company for many years, liaising with their team and holding quarterly account meetings to ensure we’re constantly refining our solutions. We supply ANSUL Checkfire 210 twin agent systems, which gives them the benefits of both dry and wet agents.

Whenever a new machine is due to come into service, we discuss their needs and provide a bespoke twin agent suppression system, along with engine shutdown and battery isolation options. We then create a servicing schedule to ensure professional ongoing support. After any fires or incidents, reports are written up by our technical team, enabling us to address and resolve any issues immediately.

Ardent's bespoke service contract proposals enable us to keep on top of our servicing costs year on year, allowing not only for an efficient and cost effective solution, but a service that works around our busy schedule.

Neil Steer, Motorshop Manager

The Result

For over ten years, we've problem-solved together, finding the most efficient and cost-effective service solutions for the port's material handling fleet.