Timber Products

We helped one of the world’s leading manufacturers of timber products. When their fire suppression system failed to stop a fire re-igniting, we stepped in with our twin agent system that’s proven its worth time and again.

The problem
The existing dry powder system was good at putting out initial fires, even when a hydraulic fuel line ruptured, spraying flammable liquid into the hot engine. However, an accumulation of dry sawdust in the vehicle re-ignited, causing around £300k of damage, plus a halt to production that cost them thousands of pounds an hour.

Our solution
After a thorough risk assessment, we specified a twin agent, which contained both dry and wet chemicals. We also increased the quantity of wet chemical from 18 litres to 65. This ensured that fires were put out. It also made sure that the fire area was properly cooled, so it wouldn’t re-ignite.

The system has already successfully put out five fires, potentially saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds. After each, we made a site visit and a ‘Post Fire Report’ to see what we could learn to help prevent future fires.

Loaders and material handlers.

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