Ward Recycling

Specialising in metal recycling and waste management, Ward has expanded and diversified significantly since it was founded in the 1940's. The third and fourth generation business regard fire protection as extremely important across all areas of the company.

The problem
With a fleet of over 70 vehicles, Ward Recycling management understand the catastrophic consequences a vehicle fire can have for their business. Donald Ward, Ward Recycling Commercial Manager, comments, “In recent years, there has been a lot of terrible stories in the news about fires on waste sites in particular, and for us the risk of having a fire is huge. It can be potentially disastrous for companies such as ourselves and for the environment.”

They wanted an automatic system that would not only protect their vehicles, but most importantly the lives of their operators and prevent the potentially devastating follow-up effects and damages a fire can cause.

Our solution
Nowadays, Ward protect all their key mobile plant across their sites with automatic, twin agent systems combining dry and wet extinguishing agents. This includes wheel loaders, material handlers and cranes, and they have now expanded coverage to their telehandlers. The combined performance of the two extinguishing agents provides efficient fire knockdown and cooling capabilities, minimising the risk of fire re-ignition.

Our systems carry independent third party testing and approvals and are regularly serviced. Ward Recycling understand the importance of regular system maintenance and servicing and we work with them to ensure our systems are always reliable. “Ardent do a really got job at training our operators, making sure that they know how to manually operate the system if required and what to do in case of an emergency”, adds Donald.

Liebherr 924
Liebherr 934
Liebherr LH 26
Liebherr LH 30
Liebherr LH 40
Liebherr L 538
Caterpillar 930
Caterpillar TH255

 “Ardent fire suppression systems have become necessary as a standard specification for our mobile plant”

Donald Ward, Commercial Manager

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