Pedal confusion accidents can have severe consequences for drivers, passengers, nearby motorists and pedestrians.

Available as an independent solution or as part of the Safe Assist Module, the Pedal Acoustic Feedback system offers flexible safety, accessibility and fire protection solutions for public and commercial transport vehicles. 

Pedal Acoustic Feedback
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The Pedal Acoustic Feedback system is designed to prevent accidents caused by pedal application error, alerting the driver in cases of sudden accelerator depression or simultaneous brake and accelerator application. This alert notifies the driver of the error, allowing them to correct the mistake before an accident can occur.

In addition to warning messages, the system also plays a tone which shifts with acceleration to simulate the change in sound of an internal combustion engine as the vehicle accelerates.

  • Check pedal alerts

    Check pedal alerts

    The Pedal Acoustic Feedback system plays an alert when the accelerator and brake pedals are pressed simultaneously to allow to the driver to correct the error.

  • Throttle warning

    Throttle warning

    The system plays an alert and increases in volume with sudden and excessive use of the accelerator pedal.

  • Safe Assist Module compatible

    Safe Assist Module compatible

    The Pedal Acoustic Feedback system is part of the Safe Assist range and is also available as part of the Safe Assist Module.

System Configurations

The Pedal Acoustic Feedback system is available in two configurations, designed to meet the varying challenges of public transport vehicles.

Pedal Acoustic Feedback - Message System

The PAF Message System is designed primarily for diesel vehicles. This system alerts the driver when the brake and accelerator pedals are pressed simultaneously or when the accelerator pedal is depressed rapidly, playing the ‘check pedal,’ or ‘warning full throttle, check pedal,’ message.

Pedal Acoustic Feedback - Message and Tone System

For quiet vehicles, including electric, hydrogen or hybrid vehicles, the PAF Message and Tone System offers voice alerts to indicate excessive pedal application or pedal confusion as well as throttle indication. The system plays a tone that shifts in pitch to indicate the level of acceleration, which is often absent or too quiet in these vehicles. This aids in recognition of pedal application error and excessive accelerator application in quiet vehicles.

Safe Assist Module

The Pedal Acoustic Feedback system is available independently or as part of the Safe Assist Module, which offers integration with our other safety, accessibility and fire protection systems.

  • Driver and passenger safety messages
  • Fire suppression system integration
  • Pedal Acoustic Feedback
  • Audible warnings and alarms
  • Service alerts
  • Input event storage and monitoring
  • USB interface
  • Cycle Alert System

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