We are Ardent.

Meet the fire protection team.

Since my time at Ardent no two days have ever been the same. Work is never boring and I have the best support if I ever have a problem. The engineers and office staff always provide great support on the phone and I can always give the customer the service they deserve because of the great team I have supporting me.

Adrian Bernhard

Field Engineer

It means a lot to me that as an organisation we make decisions based on 'doing the right thing' rather than profit - we know that profit will follow if we stick to our principles.

Alison Hunter

Finance Director

Life at Ardent is very dynamic and it is always rewarding to be able to live up to a challenge and make a difference.

Alla Horoshenkova

Technical Manager

I understand the importance of getting a machine back to work so I'll work through the night if that's what it takes. Then I'll make sure the operators are offered training before I leave the install.

Andy Hinchcliffe

Field Engineer

Graham Brunt

Pre-Assembly Engineer

I like working at Ardent because regardless of the department that people are working in, we are all striving to be the best we can.

Cailean Morris

Operations Coordinator

Andy Plant

Warehouse Operative

I make it my mission to keep customers' machine downtime to an absolute minimum without sacrificing the quality of the installation or repair.

Brendon Rogers

Field Engineer

There's something very rewarding about going to a callout after one of our systems has been activated in response to a fire and saved a machine.

Chris Butterworth

Field Engineer

It's easy to come to work in such an energetic and positive environment.

Christopher Hartley

Warehouse Operative

At Ardent we never accept the status quo. We’re always looking for better, smarter ways. That’s our culture.

Daniel Brunt

Commercial Director

Danny Moore

Field Engineer

I love that integrity is at the heart of what we do.

Emma Kirk

Sales Manager

It's good knowing that our systems have done the job and prevented a catastrophic incident at its initial stages.

Fred Dulwich

Key Account Handler

I love the Ardent attitude towards working smarter and forming lasting partnerships with our customers.

Jackie Chan

Development Engineer

I always try and make our customers' experience as hassle free as possible. Little things like issuing service reminders and confirmations and generally going the extra mile.

Jamie Newnham

Operations Team Leader

As a sports enthusiast, being part of a strong team with genuine values at its core is really important for me. I look forward to being part of many customers’ Ardent experience.

Kayleigh Davis

Service Coordinator

Ardent is a supportive and encouraging environment to thrive in.

Kyle Langdridge

CAD Technician

I feel a sense of achievement when the final product is ready to be dispatched and we've successfully met the deadline.

Luke Morrell

Warehouse Operative

Installations and services are done 100% to the Ardent standard. That gives me confidence.

Mark Thornton

Project Manager

A good brand is a kept promise. I feel proud of working with a brand that consistently delivers promises to its customers.

Marta Marco

Marketing Manager

I love working with knowledgeable people at Ardent. It means the job gets done properly and we make a difference.

Matthew Malewski

Development Engineer

We're always looking for ways to streamline our processes and systems so that we can offer an even better service.

Neil Crowther

Managing Director

Neil Moss


Everyday is different and challenging which keeps me out of trouble.

Nigel Lock

Field Engineer

I am always willing to do extra to solve the problem and provide the best solution for the customer rather than go for the easy less effective option.

Patrick Thornton

Senior Technical Engineer

Ardent is a genuinely supportive environment which really motivates me to do the best job possible.

Paul Jordan

Accounts Assistant

I love the fact that everyone is committed to a common goal. From the directors, to the sales team, to the warehouse staff, we’re all dedicated to finding solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Paul Merrick

Development Engineer

Paul Mullins

Field Engineer

I feel lucky to be a part of Ardent’s DAB division, developing exciting new products and feeling part of a team that’s striving towards a common goal – to be the best we can.

Paul Newton

Production Manager

I'm responsible for getting stock out of the door quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

Phil Dinsdale

Supply Chain Manager

Rory Francis

Field Engineer

One day I could be sketching solutions on-site, the next I’m back at the office evaluating what our engineers require to complete an installation. Variety is what makes my role so stimulating.

Scott Reilly

Technical Support Engineer

Ardent has a friendly team spirit - there's a great support network between the engineers.

Shaun Cranfield

Field Engineer

I like to make things simple for the customer. It’s rewarding to work with a team who also share these values.

Victoria Machen

Service Coordinator

I like that we're always looking for ways to get better at what we do. We're not complacent.

Will Maddock


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