Servicing Packages.

Ongoing servicing and maintenance to make sure your fire systems respond when you need them most.

Servicing packages
Our customers work in some of the toughest places on earth, so it goes without saying that their heavy machinery can suffer significant wear and tear. Parts erode, materials deteriorate and debris can get into even the hardest to reach places. So servicing fire systems is crucial in ensuring that they work when they’re needed most.


6 and 12 month services

  • 6 month service – This would typically involve replacing seals, as well as checking and purging the system.
  • 12 month service – This would typically involve replacing batteries and blow off caps.


The Ardent standard

  • We have more trained engineers than anyone else, so we can be flexible when it comes to finding you a suitable service slot.
  • We’re always at the forefront, with engineers who are not only fully qualified and fully accredited but are also constantly undergoing new training to ensure they’re the best in the business.
  • We make things run smoothly by sending you service reminders and all relevant paperwork so our engineers can simply turn up to site and get to work.
  • Our vans are fully equiped mobile workshops. That means most work can be done there and then in the service slot, so there’s no further disruption to your production schedule.
  • We create service contracts to suit you, whether you’re looking for 3 years with fixed costs or annual payments.

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