Q&A Rhys Clifton

Introducing Rhys, our problem-solving Operations Co-ordinator Read More >

Fire Suppression Basics - Nozzle Coverage and Location

In this post, we look at the importance of the number and location of nozzles for effective fire suppression in a fire suppression system. Read More >

Fire Suppression Basics - Fire Hazard Analysis

In this post, we look at the principles behind a fire hazard analysis and how they dictate system design parameters such as quantity of suppression agent. Read More >

Q&A Tim Evans

Introducing Tim, our newest Account Manager Read More >

Q&A Lily Asbury

Introducing Lily, our kind-hearted Service & Support Co-Ordinator Read More >

Fire Suppression Focus - Forklifts

Key considerations when choosing fire suppression for waste shredders. Read More >

Fire Suppression Focus - Waste Shredders

Key considerations when choosing fire suppression for waste shredders. Read More >

We are fully qualified as a supplier on Achilles UVDB.

We are fully qualified as a supplier on Achilles UVDB. Read More >

Extended 3 Years Warranty Now as Standard

Our Ardent VCM fire suppression systems are now backed-up with 3 years warranty. Read More >

Q&A Cailean Morris

Meet Cailean, our smiley Operations Co-ordinator. Read More >

Q&A Fred Dulwich

Meet Fred, our dedicated Key Account Manager. Read More >

Fire Suppression Basics - Suppression Agent Tanks

No fire suppression system is complete without the correct suppression agent tanks. In this blog post, we look at the two main types of tanks. Read More >

Fire Suppression Basics - Control Systems

Extinguishing agents and detectors are key components of any system, but it is the control module that dictates the response to fire. Read More >

Fire Suppression Basics - Detection Systems

Even the most effective extinguishing agents depend upon a reliable detection system. Here we look at the most common types and their pros and cons. Read More >

Fire Suppression Basics - Extinguishing Agents

We start this blog series with the essential component of any fire suppression system, the extinguishing agent. Read More >

What Makes for a Trouble-Free Fire Suppression System?

How can installation standards save money in the long term? Read More >

Q&A Brendon Rogers

Meet Brendon, our experienced Field Engineer. Read More >

Your Daily Maintenance Checks to Prevent Vehicle Fire

The best way to protect your people and vehicles is to prevent fire altogether. Read More >

The Risk of Under-Specified Systems

Under-specified or incorrect fire suppression systems is the number one cause of vehicle fire suppression failure. Read More >

Q&A Jackie Chan

Introducing our skilled Design & Development Engineer, Jackie Chan. Read More >

Hazard Analysis - Why Do One?

You're only as strong as your most serious hazard. Read More >

Q&A Jamie Newnham

Introducing our passionate Operations Team Leader, Jamie Newnham. Read More >

Why Fire Protection Systems Fail

Protect your equipment and people by avoiding these common mistakes. Read More >

Q&A Neil Crowther

Interviewing Neil Crowther, the founder and Managing Director of Ardent Read More >

Q&A Patrick Thornton

Meet Patrick, our trouble-shooting Senior Technical Engineer. Read More >

Q&A Phil Dinsdale

Introducing our very dedicated Supply Chain Manager, Phil Dinsdale. Read More >

Website Launch and Brand Refresh

We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. Read More >

Fuel to the Fire

A huge 23 % of vehicle fires are caused by fuel leakage. Read More >

How Fire protection is like an Iceberg

If the tip of the iceberg represents the upfront cost of a system and the proposal, what lurks beneath the surface. Read More >

New Plant Insurance Fire Protection Requirements

It is not uncommon for plant insurers to request high value equipment is protected, especially if the equipment is operating inside a building. Read More >

Is your Fire System Approved?

One of the most respected standards worldwide is called Factory Mutual (FM). Read More >

Biomass Boom

Biomass is key to the UK’s energy future, and as an industry it is set to boom in the next 5 years. Read More >

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