Is Your Fire System Approved?

One of the most respected standards worldwide is called Factory Mutual (FM).

Their Global Research Campus rigorously tests fire protection equipment under actual fire situations to verify they work each and every time they are used. The in-depth tests cover the system’s effectiveness in extinguishing types of fires known to occur on mobile plant, and through simulation will ensure the system can withstand prolonged shock and vibration over its life span.

One system manufacturer to have passed FM certification is ANSUL, a spokesperson for them said “We manufacture every product as if someone’s life or business depends on it. We test and retest to recognised approvals and standards (FM). The result is equipment that performs better, and lasts longer”. If a fire system hasn’t been tested to these standards, it isn’t possible to know if it will be effective in all conditions and fire situations.

There are plenty of systems on the market to choose, however – remarkably, only a few systems have been designed and tested for use on vehicles and plant.

To find out if your system is FM approved, please contact one of our advisors or check the FM Global Approval page.

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