PD Ports.

Two fires had caused machine write-offs at this busy Teesside container port. We developed a unique system for reach stackers that included an electric isolator, tailored software and a bespoke alarm. Together they ensured that operators are much safer and the chance of damage to valuable machines is minimised.

The problem
After two fires caused by electric short circuits, Teeside port operator  PD Ports wanted to overhaul their fire suppression systems to reduce machine damage and ensure their operators’ safety.

Our solution
After getting an in-depth understanding of their business, we recommended a bespoke system. Other companies offered them cheaper solutions, but PD Ports agreed ours was the best. This solution was tailored in every respect. We introduced an electric isolator, which shut down the engine if a fire was picked up, isolating the electrics to stop the fire re-igniting.

However, we also needed to ensure this battery isolation didn’t stop the cab door from opening and so trapping the operator. So we worked with the vehicle manufacturer to redevelop their software, which allowed the cab to move and the doors to open.

Another concern was the sheer number of alarms that operators were exposed to. Our answer was to create an alarm that clearly says ‘fire fire fire’ in the event of an emergency. The system has been installed on 11 reach stackers and we’ve given staff extensive training to ensure they’re familiar with the new system.

Reach stackers

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