Fire protection systems for Large Forestry Vehicles.

The environment you operate in is absolutely unique. You work in harsh and often isolated places. Your vehicles run at high temperatures and carry large amounts of flammable oils and fuels. Plus you’re surrounded by chopping debris, wood chips, sawdust and trees. These factors make having an effective vehicle fire suppression system absolutely crucial.

We’re experts at supplying, installing and maintaining systems on even the largest vehicles, allowing you to protect your staff, eliminate production downtime and avoid damage to machinery and the environment.

Helping you meet the unique challenges of forestry

Meeting you face-to-face is the start of a robust process that makes sure you get the best system for you.

We can specify both Ansul and Dafo systems.

We know how to deal with fires in compact machines.

In remote locations, call-outs are difficult so we can train your staff to deal with emergency situations.

We make sure systems are self-monitoring so they identify damage, such as that from rats.

Our fast-acting systems buy operators valuable time and allow a quick escape from elevated cabs.

We can help you detect fire quickly - crucial when you’re working with machines carrying vast amounts of fuel.

We can supply, install and maintain.

Fire hazards in forestry vehicles

Our approach to forestry systems

Meeting you face-to-face is the start of a robust process that makes sure you get a system that’s as good as it can be.


Some system providers ‘fit and forget’. But we believe that installations are where our responsibility begins. Here are some of the ongoing ways we help minimise the impact that fires have on your business.

Servicing Packages

Ongoing servicing and maintenance to make sure your fire systems respond when you need them most. Read More >

Maintenance Call-outs

If your fire suppression system gets discharged or damaged, we’ll get you back in action quickly. Read More >

Operator Training

Tailored training and easy reference manuals to help your staff stay safe in fire emergencies. Read More >

Forestry clients

“We use Ardent as their systems seem to be very well made and are reliable. We especially liked their self-monitoring system, which is of real importance to our staff - it gives them that extra bit of security being out in rural locations.”

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