Ansul-certified distributors since 1993

As a leading brand in the fire suppression industry, Ansul has a strong reputation for its versatile and reliable fire suppression systems. Ardent has been an authorised distributor of Ansul fire suppression systems, as well as a specialist in the specification, installation, servicing and maintenance of Ansul A-101 and Ansul LVA heavy vehicle fire suppression systems, since 1993.

From mining excavators to material handlers, we have installed Ansul fire suppression systems on more than 6,000 items of heavy mobile plant. Meanwhile, our global network supports the installation and maintenance of Ansul systems in many European and African countries.

As well as Ansul fire protection systems, we also supply the full range of Ansul fire extinguishers as well as Ansul A-101, LVA, and Checkfire parts and replacement components to companies trained and approved to carry out work on Ansul fire suppression systems

For thirty years, Ardent has been installing and maintaining Ansul fire suppression systems on a wide variety of plant, from material handlers to mining machines.

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Trusted by Liebherr

We work closely with Liebherr France to ensure we provide reliable protection the company and its customers expect - and have been doing so since 1996.

Our dedicated Ardent France Team team fit Ansul fire suppression systems at Liebherr's plant in Colmar, France, and we’ve fitted more than 1,500 Ansul fire protection systems to Liebherr equipment around the world - from wheel loaders and material handlers to mining excavators and dozers. Our Fire Hazard Identification is also carried out in conjunction with and approved by Liebherr.

Why Ansul fire suppression systems?

The Ansul fire suppression system is designed for use on large off-road construction and mining equipment, such as large excavators, haul trucks, underground mining equipment, tunnel boring machines, and speciality vehicles such as slag, pot, and slab carriers.

Thanks to its dry and wet chemical suppression agents, the Ansul twin agent system combines  for rapid fire knock-down, excellent coverage, and protection against fire re-ignition, offering the highest level of fire protection.

FM-approved Ansul fire protection systems 

Factory Mutual (FM) is one of the most respected and globally recognised standards for heavy vehicle fire suppression. Its global research campus rigorously tests fire protection equipment under actual fire situations to verify they work efficiently each and every time they are used. 

These in-depth tests cover the system's effectiveness in extinguishing types of fires known to occur on mobile plant. Through simulation, these ensure the system can withstand prolonged shock and vibration over its lifespan.

For this reason, FM standard is widely recognised by plant insurers worldwide, providing assurance of Ansul fire suppression system manufacturing, design, and installation quality.

Ansul fire suppression system servicing and maintenance

Our field engineers are fully trained and certified by Ansul in the installation and servicing of Ansul A-101 and Ansul LVA fire suppression systems, with years of experience maintaining Ansul fire suppression systems in all types of mobile plant.

From regular system servicing to an Ansul fire suppression system recharge, get in touch for a no-commitment estimate on getting a system in top working order.


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A classic, iconised in Lego

Famous for its construction machinery, mining equipment, cranes, aircraft parts, and various other types of heavy equipment, the Liebherr R 9800 Excavator is even a Lego figure - and we even protect it in Lego form.

We’ve protected the equipment for so long, each Lego excavator has its own Ardent fire suppression system - our red suppression agent tanks with Ardent logos can be found inside.