With dangers like faulty wiring and overloaded or overheated circuits, there are many causes of fire in electrical cabinets. The consequences of these fires can be significant, with severe disruptions to business, damage to buildings and, in some cases, injury to people.

Detecting and suppressing fires as quickly as possible is key to minimising the damage and consequences of fire. Every second counts when it comes to fire detection and, in enclosed spaces like electrical cabinets, it can be difficult to detect a fire before the damage is done.

Electrical Fire Risks

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Short circuits

Overloaded components

Faulty wiring

Electrical surges

Why Choose Ardent

  • Automatic <a title="fire suppression systems" href="https://www.ardent-uk.com/fire-suppression-systems">fire suppression systems</a>

    Automatic fire suppression systems

    Our systems ensure reliable, automatic fire detection and actuation.

  • Cost-effective fire protection

    Cost-effective fire protection

    Our systems are easy to install and can be quickly reinstated after deployment.

  • Clean agent

    Clean agent

    Our clean agent is non-corrosive, non-conductive and safe to people.

  • Flexible solutions

    Flexible solutions

    With over 28 years of experience, we tailor our solutions to suit your business requirements.

  • Fast callout response

    Fast callout response

    Our Engineers can be on site in a matter of hours to get your machine back to service.

  • Complete peace of mind

    Complete peace of mind

    From start to finish, we takecare of all aspects of your equipment fire protection.

With electrical panels, detecting fire at its early stages can be difficult. The fire will often go unnoticed until smoke begins to spill out from the cabinet. If the cabinet is located in an unmanned area, it can remain unobserved until it has grown large enough to be detected by passive fire detection systems. By this point, damage to the control panel will be significant.

Ardent Electrical Equipment Fire Suppression Systems features automatic detection and activation and are able detect and suppress fires rapidly and without the need for human intervention. The systems are installed into the cabinet to target the fire hazards directly and keep damage and disruption to a minimum.

The Ardent fire suppression system offers cost-effective and reliable protection without the need for an external power supply. The systems can be quickly reinstated following activation to get you back up and running again quickly. A pressure switch can be fitted to shut off power to the electrical panel on system deployment or trigger peripherals such as sounders or alarms.

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How Our Fire Suppression Systems Works 

Fire Detection

To ensure that fires are detected quickly, the Ardent Electrical Cabinet System detection tubing is installed directly into the cabinet and carefully routed around the fire hazard areas to provide full coverage. The system can also be designed to protect multiple adjoining cabinets, covering several enclosures simultaneously.

System Activation

The detection tubing is pressurised with nitrogen, rupturing when exposed to the heat generated by a fire and initiating the release of the suppression agent. If a pressure switch is fitted to the system, this loss of pressure can also be used to trigger peripherals such as alarms or sounders.

render of Ardent system protecting an electrical cabinet, showing routing of detection

Agent Distribution

Depending on the application and characteristics of the electrical panel, either a direct or indirect fire suppression system can be installed.

In the direct system, the detection tubing doubles as the distribution network. The suppression agent is discharged directly from the point of rupture, which is the closest point to the fire.

The indirect system provides reliable fire suppression for larger enclosures, or enclosures that require multiple cabinets to be flooded simultaneously. Once the detection tubing loses pressure, the suppression agent is released through carefully placed nozzles to target each fire hazard area.

Clean Suppression Agent

Selecting the best suppression agent for each application is crucial to designing reliable and effective fire suppression systems. For electrical panel protection, our clean agent removes the heat to suppress fires in a matter of seconds, evaporating cleanly after deployment without leaving residue and removing the need for post-discharge clean up. Non-corrosive and non-conductive, it is the perfect suppression agent for use with electrical panels.

How We Deliver

At Ardent, we take care of every step of the process to ensure your equipment and personnel are protected against the risk of fire 24/7. From understanding the fire hazards specific to your equipment and environment to our rapid response to emergencies, you can rest assured our systems will deliver the highest level of protection your business requires.

Let us worry about the fire safety of your equipment, so you can focus on your business.

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