Recycling & Waste Management fire protection systems.

If you operate a landfill site or waste management facility you’re faced with all sorts of unique challenges. Waste generates its own heat and is prone to catching fire. Large quantities of methane can gather around decomposing material. Waste debris can fall into engine bays causing key components to fail. Plus a number of high profile fires have put the whole industry under pressure from the HSE.

But we can help. We’re experienced experts in supplying, installing and maintaining responsive fire suppression systems. We can help you act quickly, minimise risk and protect personnel and production-critical machinery.

Helping you meet the unique challenges of recycling and waste

Meeting you face-to-face is the start of a robust process that makes sure you get the best system for you.

Many insurers demand an FM approved system. We’re experts in supplying them.

We’ve been working with recycling and waste specialists for over 23 years.

We can help you react quickly. Crucial if you work in a remote location.

We’re independent, so we’re free to recommend the best products for the job.

Our systems do not affect the CE marking of your machine.

We can supply, install and maintain.

Fire hazards in recycling and waste vehicles

Our approach to recycling and waste systems

Meeting you face-to-face is the start of a robust process that makes sure you get a system that’s as good as it can be.


Some system providers ‘fit and forget’. But we believe that installations are where our responsibility begins. Here are some of the ongoing ways we help minimise the impact that fires have on your business.

Servicing Packages

Ongoing servicing and maintenance to make sure your fire systems respond when you need them most. Read More >

Maintenance Call-outs

If your fire suppression system gets discharged or damaged, we’ll get you back in action quickly. Read More >

Operator Training

Tailored training and easy reference manuals to help your staff stay safe in fire emergencies. Read More >

“Their engineers are really good. They always turn up when they say they will, which is just what we need, as our plant being out of action is a big concern for us.”

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